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Best Bear Fence

Aside from extremely tall and massive barrier bear fences, the best bear fence is a well-designed electric bear fence. We provide superior electric bear fence kits, supplies, and accessories at low prices. The list of products offered here includes electric bear fence kits and components for campers and beekeepers; electric bear fence parts for those who want to protect their cabins, gardens, orchards, yards or other properties from bear attacks; and other gear such as bear perimeter alarms, bear proof containers, and bear spray (pepper spray for bears).

Our firm, the Mcgregor Fence Company LLC, has long experience in electric fencing and animal control. So we have a good sense of what is needed and what isn’t, and we make it a point to provide appropriate guidance. To view our very affordable bear fencing products as well as our planning guides for those products, click on one of the bear fencing product classes below:

Bear fencing for

Why You Should Buy from Us

  • We Pledge You: High quality, low prices, prompt delivery, sound guidance, and satisfaction.
  • Wide Product Choice: Our bear fencing products cover the full range of effective bear fencing tools and supplies.
  • Guidance: Our bear fencing guides apply current knowledge, broad experience, and common sense to help you weigh alternatives.
  • For Canadian customers: We ship to Canada. (It is more expensive than shipping to US destinations, and customs brokerage can be costly. So if there is any prospect of shipping to a US destination near the border and picking up your shipment there, that prospect is worth investigating.)
  • Consultation: Our customer service desk is available to help with queries. To contact us use our contact form or call us at 508-888-8305

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