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General ELECTRIC BEAR FENCE installation instructions,






Compared to installing almost any sort of barrier fence, installation of an electric fence is a breeze. Even so, various points about electric fence installation are worth noting. The following account does not give guidance about the sort of electric bear fence to select (see bear fences for campers, beekeepers, homeowners, and others. However, it does review the installation process, starting with electric fence chargers and proceeding from there to posts, insulators, tensioners, conductors, ground rods, and other items. Installation of fence wires on cabins and houses is not covered here because this differs a good deal from ordinary electric fence installation, and it is covered reasonably well in our home and cabin bear fence pages.

Installing Electric Fence Chargers


There’s not much to installing electric fence chargers. They generally come in tough cases (all the Parmak chargers come in cases that have a lifetime guarantee against rust). Even so, AC-powered electric fence chargers are designed for indoor installation near an AC outlet. If your AC outlet happens to be outdoors, it’s a good idea to provide the charger with shelter against rain and snow–partly because it is worth keeping electric terminals dry and partly because this protection guards against the possibility of moisture getting inside the charger’s case.

Another point relating to AC-powered electric fence chargers is this: Since they are usually installed indoors (near an AC outlet), one needs to attach them to a special insulated wire capable of containing high voltages, and this insulated wire needs a way to get out to the fence. The wrong way to do this is to put the wire through a window or door opening, where repeated opening and closing of the door or window is likely to crack the insulation. A better way is to drill a small hole about the thickness of a pencil through a wall, window frame, or door frame. This step is a little more drastic than using an existing window or door opening, but it works.


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