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BEEKEEPER bear fence: Effective beehive protection, page 1



Bear Fence Kits for Beekeepers


Electric bear fence kits for beekeepers can protect a perimeter of 160 feet (a square 40 feet on a side). Of course, the enclosure doesn't have to be square; and the perimeter can also be shorter than 160 feet -- down to any length you like. The perimeter can also be longer, up to 320 feet, if you add a bundle of 10 posts (09-04GR-10) and a bag of 20 insulators (07-06E) without having to add anything more to the products in the kit. The five alternatives listed below come with AC-powered, battery-powered, or solar-powered electric fence chargers.

This product is unavailable or out of stock.
This product is unavailable or out of stock.


Kit parts for the kits listed above: AC-powered kit 13-82 includes:

Battery-powered kit 13-83 and solar-powered kit 13-84 have the same components as those above, except that the following chargers replace the 3-joule AC-powered electric fence charger:

  • Kit 13-83 employs the 2-joule battery-powered charger 01-PWR-B2J
  • Kit 13-84 employs the 0.5-joule Parmak Solar Pak 12 (01-29)
 For details on each component, click on the name of that component.


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