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Electric Bear Fence Kits

We offer an affordable, portable, quickly erected basic fence kit for campers (see kit 13-80 below). This kit contains everything needed to create an effective anti-bear electric fence enclosing a square up to 40 feet on a side (a perimeter of 160 feet) in minutes. Of course, the enclosure doesn't have to be square, and the perimeter can be shorter than 160 feet -- down to any size you like. If you add an extra bundle of 10 posts (09-04GR-10) and a bag of 20 insulators (07-06E) it can also be made longer, up to 320 feet, without adding anything more to the items in the kit. 

This kit comes with a battery-powered electric fence charger that can be powered by four flashlight batteries (D cells) for up to 4 weeks. We strongly recommend combining this kits (or an expanded versions of it) with other anti-bear gear such as a perimeter alarm or a bear-proof food container.

To view a list of the items included in the kit, see the list of components and photo below the purchase entry. You may extend the kit by purchasing a few additional minor items, see our section Gear for Modifying or Extending Kits. To purchase supplementary items like a perimeter alarm or bear proof container see Other Anti-bear Gear.



Components included in the kit (click on any item to find out more about it):

Battery-powered kit includes:


Photos of items (except the solar-powered charger) in camper kit 13-80:


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