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minor electric bear fence parts: GROUND RODS and clamp



Ground Rods


Ground rods are an essential part of electric fences. If you have a long fence (typically protecting a residential property), then a 6-foot ground rod and clamp (products 06-02 and 06-03 below) are well-suited to your needs. However, so long as your fence is short, our little 2-foot ground rod 06-01C is all you require. Indeed, it is perfectly all right to keep a foot of this two-footer out of the soil in order to clamp charger DS-140 onto it.

If your portable fence is to be placed on bone dry or frozen ground, don't get a longer ground rod. Instead arrange things so that you will have alternating charged and uncharged runs of conductor on the fence, and then hook the uncharged elements into the ground system by connecting them to the ground terminal on the charger or to the ground rod.



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