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People who want electric bear fences to protect their yards or residences (or for that matter their crops and orchards) face lots of different situations. Some yards are big, others small; some have lots of gates, others none; and some people have small pets that might be harmed by a powerful electric fence charger, while others want to shock the bears until their heads spin.

For such reasons we do not offer residential electric bear fences in the form of kits. Instead, on this and the following pages we offer guidelines for selecting various items. You can use these pages to gather all the materials you need for your bear fence by placing a list of these materials in our shopping cart. You can then purchase these items directly, or else print out the shopping cart page or save it in Microsoft Word in order to create a useful list and total price for discussion with others or for planning.


Electric Fence Chargers


The least expensive electric fence chargers are AC-powered chargers. They require no battery or expensive solar panel, and they come in a wide range of strengths calculated to achieve what any but the most jaded fence owner could want. So if one has an AC outlet within easy range (roughly 150 feet) of the bear fence and can reach the fence without going over a paved road, an AC-powered charger is usually the best choice.

Besides AC-powered chargers, we offer battery-powered and solar-powered types. The battery-powered chargers are a nuisance, because their batteries must be periodically recharged; and the solar-powered types tend to be expensive.

In general, the ideal power for keeping bears away from residences is two or three joules. It's also true that chargers are not usually hazardous. However, if young children or small pets are likely to come in contact with the fence you may wish to consider getting a  1 joule charger.

To start selecting material for your fence (without committing yourself to anything) choose the charger below that you think best suits your needs and add it to your cart. Then go to the next section and gradually build up a list of materials in your cart that you can use, either to place an order or to plan your fence.


AC-powered Chargers

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Battery-powered Chargers


Solar-powered Charger


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