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Electric Bear Fence Kits

We offer affordable, portable, quickly erected basic fence kits for campers (see kits 13-80 and 13-81 below). These kits contain everything needed to create an effective anti-bear electric fence enclosing up to 1600 square feet in minutes. One kit (13-80) comes with a battery-powered electric fence charger that can be powered by four flashlight batteries (D cells) for up to 4 weeks; the other (kit 13-81) comes with a solar-powered charger. We strongly recommend combining these kits (or expanded versions of them) with other anti-bear gear such as a perimeter alarm or a bear-proof food container.

You can purchase these bear fence kits below. To view a list of the items included in these kits, see the list of components and photos below the purchase entries. Note that the two kits are identical except that they come with different chargers. To extend either of  these kits by purchasing a few additional minor items, see our section Gear for Modifying or Extending Kits. To purchase supplementary items like a perimeter alarm or bear proof container see Other Anti-bear Gear.

Regarding shipping, both of these kits are best shipped by UPS, and kit 13-81 must be shipped by UPS.


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Components included in these kits (click on any item to find out more about it):

Battery-powered kit 13-80 includes:

Solar-powered kit 13-81 includes: All of the components above (in kit 13-80), except that the Parmak Solar Pak 12 charger (01-29) replaces the battery-powered Field Guardian D-Cell.


Photos of items in camper kits 13-80 and 13-81:

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